Minipic - The Swiss Snack


The star for all children, energy source of sports people, the provision for adventure-seekers, an inspiration for creative chefs, the snack for the city jungle, the number 1 in Switzerland – all others are weenies!



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Meet the Heroes of our minipic Campaign



The coole Boarder

Gian is always on the go, be this on the snowboard through powder or with the skateboard in the park. A nature lover and constantly active adventurer, he is ready for fun anytime. The only thing that he is scared of is boredom.

130826 Annika


The cheeky Sunshine

Only seven years old and already the secret star of the minipic photo shoots. Whether with her plaited hair or dressed up as an Indian, when Annika smiles and her tooth gap shows, the sun shines. Watch Annika's video.

130826 Thomas


the friendly "Schwinger"

Thomas has won over 50 wreaths at Swiss wrestling tournaments. The strong wrestler from Emmental has arms like tree trunks but is a real gentleman. However, we don’t fancy getting in the ring with him (-;

130826 Sven


The ambitious Crosser

While other boys of his age only know motocross from Playstation, Sven is constantly riding his bike. On the weekends, the ten year old competes in motocross races and is already considered one of the most successful junior talents on the Swiss scene.

130826 Hanna


The pretty Designer

With her own label Hana frequently stirs up the catwalks of fashion shows. The congenial native of Zurich likes wearing her gorgeous fashion herself. As a model she cuts a good figure and is therefore probably the best advertisement.


Don't be a weenie