Minipic - The Swiss Snack


The star of all children, the energy supplier for athletes, the provisions for adventurers, an inspiration for creative cooks, the snack for the urban jungle, number 1 in Switzerland - all the others are weenies!


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These are the heroes of the minipic campaign



The Balanced Yogi

Helen is calm in herself. She knows that everything can be achieved with inner balance and a positive charisma. When the balance does not work out in the stress of everyday urban life, yoga brings back the necessary harmony.



The Cheeky Sunshine

At just nine years old, Polly was the secret star of the minipic photo shoot. Whether with dungarees or a cool bucket hat - when she smiles and shows her shiny teeth, the sun rises.



The Likeable Dandy

Robert takes hearts by storm with his sympathetic manner. With charm and wit, the senior turns every dull day into colorful hours. It will definitely be boring with him.



The happy Nature Lover

Whether playing floorball or hiking in Graubünden - Marcel is always on the ball. Close to nature and active, the adventurer is up for all kinds of fun. He doesn't stop at the minipics either.




The Stylish Restaurateur

With her three cafés, Sheila is usually involved in the restaurant scene. The beautiful Zurich woman serves her delicious cocktails with a cheeky smile and she also infects everyone with her good mood in our shoot.

Sei kein Würstchen
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