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the strongest small sausage is celebrating a milestone anniversary: 50 years!

In addition to all the traditional delicacies which Graubünden has to offer, minipic is celebrating some almost unbelievable successes: Almost as thin as a pencil and with the same flavour as when it first conquered the market, minipics are indisputably the bestselling Graubünden sausage. These sausage sticks are a household name in Switzerland and have already been produced for 50 years, making them the perfect snack for breaks, school trips or hikes.

Our home is the beautiful Grisons

A magical interplay of light and shade. Imposing slopes, lively rivers and streams, extensive forests and meadows. Grisons is synonymous with unspoilt nature. Expansive ski areas and hiking trails for the ambitious as well as the relaxed. Picturesque towns and villages, houses with weather-beaten façades and culinary highlights. Grisons residents enjoy a high quality of life!

It’s nice if you can enjoy it every day by living and working here. Why don't you come and visit us? You will like the place we call home.

You will find more information about the holiday region of Grisons and events at www.graubuenden.ch.

My “snack tic”

1982 — minipic beats them all!

1988 — The “acid disco wave”

1980er – Min »Knabber Tic«

1978 — minipic at the Tour de Suisse with Ferdy Kübler

A cultural asset of Switzerland - but who invented it?

minipic has for over 50 years been produced according to a secret recipe in Grischuna's production sites in Grisons. minipic even accompanied our parents on their school trips. Since the launch of minipic in 1972, awareness of the brand has steadily increased, and thanks to its proven quality, the snack is becoming more and more popular. These days minipic can almost be classified as a cultural asset of Switzerland.

minipic was developed by Grischuna and has been produced in Grisons for over 50 years. It was the Americans who inspired us at the time. However, it was invented by… the Japanese. Kanpai!

minipic's production protects the environment

It is produced in an environmentally friendly manner in our new, state-of-the-art, Minergie factory in Landquart, Grisons. The production site was built according to the latest findings and designed based on an ingenious heating, air conditioning and climate concept. In this way, we are making a valuable contribution to conserving the environment even at the production stage:

Thanks to our reliance on new technologies, no fossil fuels are used any more by our company and we emit 500 fewer tonnes of CO2 each year. This saving equates to the combined CO2 emissions of 80 to 100 cars driving around the equator every year. Both our production and administration buildings have been awarded the Minergie label.

minipic is produced in this modern building according to a tried and tested recipe and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

More information about our production site in Landquart is available.