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the snack classic

minipic - the most popular meat snack in Switzerland - has been made according to a secret traditional recipe for over 50 years from Swiss beef and pork, combined with bacon and spices. Most Swiss associate minipic with nostalgic memories of their first school trip, hiking adventures or fun leisure activities.

how they’re made

Experienced professionals mix lean beef and pork with streaky bacon, spices and salt into a fine sausage meat.

The sausage meat is cooked in a casing, smoked over beechwood, then air-dried and aged. The casing is then removed. The reward for this careful work is a pure meat product that tastes good, has a long shelf life and is ready to eat.

minipic can be eaten on its own or with a piece of bread, but it’s also a very versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen.

food facts

special editions

Our minipic wrapper sometimes has bit of fun. It changes to reflect the season, a special topic or particular events. So keep your eyes and ears open and look for our wide range on the store shelves.


coop naturaplan

Did you know that you can also get organic versions of our minipics? Together with Coop naturaplan, we’ve put these on the shelves for everyone who is environmentally aware. All the agricultural ingredients are organically grown.

never leave home without it
minipic my swiss picnic

Put it in your bag and off you go! Whether going hiking, at school, at work or in the great outdoors: tear open the packaging, bite into it and enjoy an energy boost wherever you happen to be!

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Ready to roll with minipic – biking in the countryside

Avec minipic, ton skate et toi en épaterez plus d’un

Moving on up with minipic – hiking day with the family

Getting where you want to be with minipic, kicking up powder

Setting the mood with minipic – fun and games with friends

Onward and upward with minipic – terrific views when you’re climbing.


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