the light chicken stick

the chicken snack

chickpic is the light and spicy meat snack made from finest chicken meat. High in protein, the funny chickpics provide you with the necessary energy boost on a bike trip, in your 10 o'clock break or at a picnic with friends. 

chickpic nature
the classic ones

chickpic nature are the light, spicy alternative to our minipic and are cured in the traditional way with salt. The mini chicken sausages are low in fat and high in protein, and are perfect for a balanced diet.

chickpic hot chili
the spicy ones

¡Ay, caramba! Our spicy sausages with hot chilli pepper ignite a typical Mexican fireworks display on the palate with every bite. chickpics are refined with a spicy chilli spice mixture and thus provide a particularly flavoursome taste sensation.

food facts

meet the
crazy chicken coop

The chickies live in a legendary valley of Grisons far away from civilization. Everyday life in the chicken coop is quite turbulent. Find out who is causing a stir in the straw castle here.

The forgetful mother hen

Annaletta is terribly forgetful. Every now and then she likes to lay a grain and brood over others' eggs.

The nimble whirlwind

Freddy zigzags past everyone across the yard to be the first at the feeding trough.

The proud Casanova

François is the rooster in the basket and has already wrapped a few chicks around his finger.

The funny gossip aunt

Margrit knows the best stories from the stable and likes to spill some beans.

The confused chick

Piepsli is a pretty distracted character. Sometimes the chick becomes disoriented and plops into the cesspool.

The daring daredevil

Andri is a sly dog and likes to play pranks on the others. He wants to overtake François as the coop’s womanizer.

The reasoned village chief

Koni is the head of the village and with so much cackling he ensures the necessary peace and quiet on the farm.

The beguiling village beauty

Lola is the femme fatale in the stable. She is incredibly pretty and charms every rooster with the blink of an eye.

The lovable greedy pig

When Oli starts to eat, there is no stopping. He becomes round as a ball and just rolls over the farm ground.

The dear hen

Helen is there for everyone, who needs advice or is in grief. With her loving manner, she nurtures everyone. Without her, the chickens would have a little domestic crisis.

The nerdy teen

With his IT skills, Flurin has hacked into space systems and has brought the voice of the chicken people into social media channels.

The nature-loving loner

Hitsch likes to go fishing and is the loner of the chicken clan. He doesn't dare to confess his love to the beautiful Lola.

The Mexican Charro

González is Andris half-brother, who is spending his retirement in the heart of the Mexican Pampas on a hacienda. From time to time, he flies across the Atlantic to visit his family and give them fiery chillies.


do you already know the chickpic yard?

Every chickpic packaging is unique. Explore the courtyard from the chickpics here and find your favorite items on the packaging in the store.